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Resume & Cover Letter Creation

Our team specializes in crafting carefully curated resumes and cover letters tailored to various geographical locations and industries. Whether you need a resume for the European job market or North America, the tech sector, or any other industry, we’re here to help!

Strategic Career Planning

Our career advising expert has coached individuals at all stages of their careers, offering guidance and actionable steps for those entering the workforce, starting their career, or navigating a career transition. With personalized strategies and tailored advice, we help clients achieve their professional goals and excel in their chosen fields.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Our LinkedIn profile optimization service is designed to enhance your professional online presence. We tailor each profile to highlight your unique skills and experiences, making you stand out to potential employers and connections. Whether you're looking to network, job search, or establish yourself as an industry expert, our personalized approach ensures your profile effectively represents your professional brand and helps you achieve your career goals.

Interview Preparation

Our interview preparation service equips you with the skills and confidence needed to excel in any interview scenario. We offer personalized coaching sessions that include mock interviews, feedback on responses, and strategies for effectively communicating your strengths. Whether you're facing your first interview or seeking to refine your technique, our expert guidance ensures you present yourself as the ideal candidate and make a lasting impression.

Michelle Carnicero


Hi there!

I’m Michelle, the founder of How To Get Your Dream Job.

Life is short, and the workday’s long. However, finding fulfillment in a job that utilizes your intrinsic skills, broadens your perspective, and contributes to your purpose helps to make it much more enjoyable. Since 2021, I’ve been providing career development services through How To Get Your Dream Job, guiding individuals towards employment that meets their needs.

With over 5 years of experience in career development, I specialize in crafting carefully tailored resumes and cover letters, preparing clients for interviews, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, and offering purposeful career coaching. My personalized strategies across multiple industries have empowered hundreds of individuals in more than 30 countries to successfully navigate their career advancement.

Reach out today, and let’s discuss how I can help you land your dream job!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, feel free to send us an email or book a consultation!

Great question! If you’re ready to get started, you can book your service of choice and send your documents via the services page. If you have any questions or need more information before proceeding, feel free to send us an email or book a consultation to chat further.

Our services are designed for everyone. I’ve worked with individuals at various stages of their careers, including students, new graduates, seasoned professionals with 30+ years of experience, and those relocating to new countries. Additionally, I have supported clients across different industries, such as nurses, engineers, salespeople, diplomats, and many others. If you’re focused on your career and ready to take the next step, our services will be a great fit.

Check out the price for your service of choice by clicking on the service on the services page here. If you’re looking to order multiple services, I’m happy to create a package deal for you! Send me an email.

For sure, check out our reviews below. I don’t provide samples of my work as to preserve my client’s confidentiality but feel free to book a consultation if you have specific expectations you’d like to share the team.

"Fantastic Ideas and excellent work"

The team at How To Get Your Dream Job provided fantastic ideas and excellent work. They really took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and executed it perfectly! I will be using their services for other projects!!!

Margarita C.

"Communication was top-notch!"

The team at How To Get Your Dream Job did an excellent job revamping my LinkedIn profile! I appreciate their approach of creating a plan and seeking my approval, which ensured I had full control over the content and any potential edits. Their communication was top-notch, keeping me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking these services.

Maria C.

"Awesome LinkedIn profile makeover"

The team at How To Get Your Dream Job did a great job setting up my LinkedIn profile that I had been neglecting, they researched my industry to create a very professional profile that attracted the attention of recruiters and helped me to grow my network.

Rebecca S.

"I'm loving my new resume!"

I had a great experience with Michelle making my resume. She made it look amazing and really professional. She works fast and pays attention to what you need. I’m very happy with my new resume and recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Michelle!

Nicole D.

"I aced my interview!"

I highly recommend the services provided by Michelle. Right from the initial moment I reached out, she responded promptly, understanding the urgency of my upcoming interview. Michelle’s professionalism shines through her actions. Before our session, she thoughtfully shared pertinent preparatory material, and during our training, she offered invaluable tips.

Lorraine M.

female, model, head shot-1544783.jpg

"Excellent Package at a Great Price!"

Once again, a perfect delivery by the team at How To Get Your Dream Job. I ordered a package for the LinkedIn optimization, a CV creation, and a cover letter, along with valuable guidance to get me started in my job search.

Ellen M.

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