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 Make Your CV Stand Out From The Crowd!
Poor quality CV’s do not get any attention in a very competitive environment.
Get This FREE CV Template Today! 
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All templates can be easily modified to your needs and you can make the necessary adjustments applicable to your local country or region. 
"In today’s world, competition is tough and especially when competing for a job. You need a professional CV to get to the top of the pile and stand out from the crowd. "

You may have heard the expression ‘First impressions are lasting ones’; your CV is often your first impression with a potential employer. Therefore, having a faultless and immaculate cover letter and a CV is absolutely vital. (Jim Bright, Earl Joanne, 2014)
Your First Impression Counts...
The vast majority of people looking for a job or a better job, are not aware, that with a few tweaks here and a few tweaks there, it can multiply their chances getting hired. 
My Free CV Template will help you to:
  • Get you the needed attention from any hiring manager.
  • Have a CV which makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Highlight your skills and your experience, which is a great start in the right direction.
  • Multiply your chances of landing your DREAM JOB easily.
  • The average hiring manager spends an average of SIX seconds reviewing an individual CV during the first screening.
Get my FREE one-pager CV template, which you can easily edit in 
MS-Office and modify to your needs...
About The Author


My friends call me “The Global Talent Matchmaker”. Why? Because my passion is to help people from around the world landing their dream job. 
The Global Talent Matchmaker
For more than 20 years, I was a successful executive working for well-known multinationals from around the world. I reached a point where I decided sharing my expertise and knowledge and at the same time connecting with different people from all over the world – and this is the biggest gift on earth.
A large number of people is feeling unhappy and uninspired about their current job. On the flipside, there are still many people, who would like just have a job. With my professional experience, I help professionals creating and enhancing their professional brand and nail the job they ever dreamed of.

More About What I Do...

My mission is:

► Creating a CV, cover letter, which makes you shine and stand out from the crowd
► Enhancing your online presence and implement an overall professional image
► Answering any questions related to landing your dream job

I help people who are unsatisfied with their current job or actively looking for a job to stand out from the crowd and shine.

► Helping you get clear on what your outcomes and goals really are
► Building an overall positive brand to attract Hiring Managers and Executive Search
► Understanding the differences what works and what doesn’t work around the world

Do you know what makes a CV, cover letter and your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd?
Well, I do.

As a Global Talent Matchmaker & Senior International Manager, I craft highly compelling personal brands, which includes CV, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile that you get NOTICED & FOUND for getting your dream job.

Stop trying to send out CVs and not getting any response or getting rejected.

► Connecting Professionals with Opportunities
► Provide customised and efficient solutions to get your DREAM JOB
► Building long-term careers

 You can find out more about my seminars and services:
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